Thursday, 8 November 2012

A right pain in the bum!

After 6 weeks of agony and suspected Sciatica believed to be cause by cycling up steep hills, I've now found out that all I have is a weak piriformis and I need to do more squats!

Following an hour of having my physios elbow in my right buttock...all seems to be feeling much better - thanks!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

DW training updates

We both survived our first endurance training session on the canal section of the Devises to Westminster Canoe Race over the school holidays week.

Over a period of 5hrs we got in and out of the boat 32 times, we paddled in driving rain, had to negotiate the dark and ate far too many flapjacks!

It was probably as bad as it could get in terms of the weather, both rain and wind so made for a perfect training session.

Later on this evening,  I'II be heading out for our wednesday training session on the Ely River is Cardiff (not so pleasant) and as the temperature plummets it makes the training all the more challenging.