Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Totally unexpected - a slight diversion from my plan!

I was supposed to be spending every hour available to me in a kayak, training for the Devises to Westminster canoe race in March, however last week I received a call from the Germany Adventure Racing team sponsored by Berghaus, asking if I'd be up for a 10 day expedition race in Patagonia. Unfortunately their female team member fell whilst out skiing and broke her leg.

Funny thing about it is, is that it starts in 2 weeks time. I'm always pretty laid back about my training programme but this is a little too close for comfort.

(Last minute training with some weight in the snow!)

This is a totally 'wild' race where we are out of reach of civilisation for 10 whole days. We have to carry everything with us whilst we cover the 700km race route. Our team plan is to move for 21 hours per day, leaving only 3hrs for sleeping. As always, this may need to be adapted en route.

Ordinarily, I'm confident about the kayaking stages and I'm hoping my Lake Baikal cycle training can be uncovered fairly quickly but I've not done anything like 72hrs of trekking non stop with a 10kg pack on for a long time. I'm just hoping my feet can cope.

I'm stocking up of all sorts of herbal supplements now to try and really build up my immune system and I'm eating as much as I can manage. I've been advise to put on weight, because apparently I'II need it.

As always, one call to Qoroz Titanium bikes and I'm getting my beloved Mountain Won back that I used to cycle over Lake Baikal in Siberia. I've also invested in a super duper new saddle which I'm trying to get used to on my Turbo trainer every morning at 7am for a good few hours.
(On my Turbo, at dawn, on the Balcony of our flat in Cardiff boyfriend thinks I've gone mad!)