Sunday, 3 February 2013

Packing is not going too well

It's always the most difficult part of an get to the start line!

Having now packed, not only am I 6kgs over-weight, I also managed to crack my bike lights which is a vital piece of equipment. I sense I'm going to have a busy afternoon getting everything sorted. I'm also still waiting for a box to arrive from Berghaus with yet more vital pieces of clothing such as softshell trousers and waterproof trousers. I leave tomorrow morning at 11am so hopefully the post will arrive in time. Maybe if I wear some more clothes to travel in and fill my pockets I might meet the weight standards, besides passengers aren't weighed and I'm probably less than the average person!

The race website is although the organisers have said that tracking will be intermittent and possibly not updated for a few days.

Anyway, a slight diversion from Patagonia, this morning I took the opportunity to get some shooting practice in whilst Kris, the Deer Park's marksman was on hand to give me some vital training.

We used a 44 Mag under-lever rifle which seems like just the job for what I've got planned next. I can't yet say what the training is for but all will be revealed when I get back from Patagonia!