Tuesday, 13 March 2012

One more day before take off

Since I'm an ultra organised type of person I'm all packed and ready to go with one day to spare.

The GO PRO Hero 2 camera arrived yesterday so I've been running around learning how to use it. At the moment I can't get it off wide-angle so everything looks curved!

There are so many gadgets that I need to consider for charging purposes and as always there is not one lead that does all. I have a camera, an ipod, a Satellite phone, a GPS, a head torch and a front bike light and to charge them I have 12 spare lithium batteries a power monkey solar panel and a storage unit.....I hope I can figure it all out.

I've calculated how long the race could take me, but this is the very lucky, brilliant weather, no wind, no storms, no mechanicals, lots of ice and not snow and legs feeling strong scenario.......80hrs & 30 mins!!!!  If I'm finished by 8pm on the 21st March then I would have managed it. We start at midday on the 17th.

This is the first race I've done where I genuinely don't know how it will go and most of my decisions and planning will need to be done en-route. This makes it very difficult to work out food rations and clothing but for worst case scenario I've taken 9 days worth of food and plenty of clothing with me.

I'm starting to wander if my Baffin minus 100 boots are a little OTT since the daytime peak temperatures have been around minus 8 degrees C recently! Night time is still down to minus 27 degrees so at least my toes will be warm at night.

My mother has very kindly agreed to keep my blog up to day whilst I'm racing, so keep tuning in for more updates.